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Duffy - Stepping Stone

COD Black Ops Shangri La Stepping Stone Locations

Stepping stone is one of
easter eggs
in Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation. Most players want to get all
Shangri La
stepping stones, and then stand on all of them to
activates the train
that takes you around the map. Here is the COD Black Ops Shangri La stepping stone locations guide from CoD Black Ops
Annihilation cheats
which shows correct order to
find stepping stone.

Tip: COD Black Ops Shangri La Stepping Stone Locations

There are 4 stepping stone you need to find.

Stepping Stone 1
- The first room in the middle of the broken square stone walls

Stepping Stone 2
- In the middle of the 2 power levers

Stepping Stone 3
- Inside the tunnel of the left first door

Stepping Stone 4
- The bottom of the bridge through the first door

The power must be turned on for this to work, and when you've got it on you can do that.

Are YOU Stepping Up?

When we are no longer able to change a situation,
we are challenged to change ourselves.
Victor Frankl

Stepping up to life brings up reaction.

I stepped up last week. It meant facing the roth of family, confusion of friends, a stern letter and a good dressing down from someone I'd rather not mention!

For weeks I researched - talked, read, met, explored and thought. I followed my intuition and, as usual, followed synchronies as they unfolded.

I risk assessed - looked at the upside and down side of the choice from all angles and then touching my heart and made a decision that would change the life of someone I dearly love and am responsible for.

Despite all the plotting and planning the decision I made still went against the grain. Those who disagree with me have en devoured to try to make me feel foolish and thoughtless. One even tried to bully me into reversing the decision.

Can you relate to this?

As I retreated into a bubble of protection last week, I tried to bless these people. After all, my decision - as a foolish thoughtless person - was based on, inspiration, intuition, synchronicity and hours of study and thought. Meantime, the finger wagers had nothing more than preconceived judgments and an instant prejudice towards the choice.

I'm open to the possibility that I really am a very big fool. Philosophically I balance this with an understanding that only time can really tell.

Overcoming Resistance.

Stepping up means overcoming resistance. First it's often our own resistance. This is followed by facing the resistance from those around us.

Silly isn't it, that we, or those around us, would try to thwart something that could be immensely beneficial to our well-being. Why would we do this to ourselves? And why would those around us try to stop us?

But last week I came to a point where nothing was going to stop the decision I had to make. It just wasn't acceptable for someone I love to spend another day in a painful and soulless existence.

Having discussed the choice with my son on several occasions over several weeks a choice was made that will change his life.

For my son, someone behind him, 'stepping up' has meant a world of difference. He's had the soul sucked out of him at school, trying to learn in a way that others say he needs to learn so our government's education inspectors can tick boxes and be happy.

He used to get up in the morning like a ghost and return in the evening like a zombie. Yet give him a weekend, or a holiday, and he's up like a lark and ends the day like a life-loving pup.

What I've seen since we chose to remove him from school is an incredible change.

By not socialising with peers, and minus the pressures of school, he is a teenager willing to put on a coat when he goes out in the rain (without being nagged), a greater willingness to share his heart with the family, offering to help around the house and already finding joy in alternative learning.

Stepping up has meant freedom and pleasure and a new experience in learning.

What I want to say is, 'Sorry, but no thanks,' to those who want to criticise and are too scared to make a bold decision that brings huge benefits.

Sure education is important, but academic education is only a part of the whole and should never be crippling to the soul.

Stepping up has meant my son will learn for the love of experience and the joy of being alive, rather than because someone else says he has to.

Stepping up means he will learn about what he loves, in a way that is specific and appropriate.

Stepping up means he can learn in bliss. He can learn music, playing guitar until his fingers cramp, learn art on a hill top or a beach, maths from daily activity and English from reading books that ignite a genuine, authentic interest and spark.

And who knows where it will lead him?

Is stepping up scary?

Yes, a little. Of course. But it's better than being soulless. It's better than drifting through days, wishing you could do, be or have other things.

If you want to step up to your dreams and ignite your genuine, authentic spark, I'd be as happy to put my heart into working with you, as I will with my son. Call me if you want to reach for your dreams. They are, in reality, achievable. Call me on +44 (0) 1934 743 649.

With all the joy and blessing that life can bring

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