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The Unique Australia

Australia might be the smallest continent in territory but it does attract attention with its unique style and characteristics.

The thing that struck me most about that continent is the way nature developed there. Australia is located far away from the other continents and thus the life there took a bit different direction during its evolution. Also the climate is really diverse in the different parts of the continent which also explains the huge variety of the wild life. We all know about the kangaroo and the koala and consider them normal animals. But they are among the many other animals and plants that are typical for Australia and actually cannot be found in other places.

Australia can impress not only with its wild life. There are also many beautiful places to go to.

One of these places is the Great Barrier Reef. It is a chain of reefs, near the coast of Queensland and it is actually huge - 2000km long. The place is included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO and is top-visited place among scuba divers, explorers and people who just want to admire the underwater life, including the gorgeous colourful corals.

A lot visited resort also in Queensland is the Gold Coast. The place is heaven for tourists - it has tender sands, crystal clear waters and smiling sun. What is more, it has a kind of cosmopolitan air with many restaurants and places to spend some thrilling night hours.

There is a bunch of attractions just in the centre of Australia. Uluru is a single monolith, standing in the middle of the desert. It is considered sacred by the local Anangu Aboriginal people. But on the rock there are areas from where you can watch the sunset and sunrise and it is a sight you can't forget. In fact, Uluru is the second biggest single rock in the world. And guess what?! The largest one is again in Australia - Mount Augustus in the Western Australia national park. Near the Uluru monolith are the Alice Springs - also very popular. Also in close proximity are the Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park (World Heritage site) and the Valley of the Winds.

In the state Victoria there is the Phillip Island, where you can become a spectator of a fascinating scene. Every day at dusk tiny penguins come one by one on the shore. I cannot describe the feelings and excitement this sight evokes, but it is quite amazing.

Again in Victoria there is a formation of limestone, called the Twelve Apostles and they really are an unforgettable sight. If you decide to go there you should take the Great Ocean Road - it can give you a pleasure just from driving because there are marvelous scenes on both side - mountains and ranges from one side and the ocean and coasts from the other.

One should also visit most of the big cities in Australia. The capital is Canberra and another cosmopolitan is Sydney - the capital of New South Wales. The Opera House in Sydney is may be the most famous cultural attraction on the continent.

The list of places of interest in Australia is literary endless, but the important thing is that this continent can be proud of its style, places and unique characteristics.Ivaylo Yordanov is the author and can provide you with additional information about Australia's resorts, by using the Contact Us page of the site below. Additionally, more comprehensive information is available atAustralia trips hotels accommodation tours vacations

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