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Most Epic VGM 5: Level 1 (Fancy Pants World 2)

DiS does Eurosonic: seven things we learned at Europe's best new music showcase (drownedinsound)

Once a year the European music industry decamps to the pretty Dutch town of
Groningen to load their expense accounts with beer and fancy dinners, attend
increasingly panicky conference panels about illegal downloads, have endless
meetings and, eventually, go and see which ever band has the most effective PR
and claim they're checking out the 'buzz'. Although in this case 'see'
actually means stand at the back of the room talking to someone else.


Protecting Your Family from the Avian Flu

Fear of an Avian Flu pandemic has reached epic proportions and with good reason. If it becomes a fully mutated strain that is easily transmittable between humans, the result of this sickness on the human population would be disastrous.

Avian Flu: The Potential Crisis

Currently, the Bird Flu has been affecting Asia and Europe. The rest of the world is keeping a close eye on this illness to make sure that it doesn't cross any more borders. Avian influenza, though common with wild birds, can devastate domesticated birds swiftly and quickly, completely eradicating all that were infected with the virus. The potential crisis is in the fact that humans do not have built in immunities to this virus. If it mutates and infects humans, they would not be able to fight it off without medical intervention. Since the strain hasn't mutated yet, there isn't a medicine that can cure it. The only way we can fight this potential crisis is through prevention.

Avian Flu: Symptoms

H5N1 virus symptoms are very similar to other symptoms of Influenza. Symptoms include fever, sore throat, malaise, and coughing. It can progress to Pneumonia and other serious conditions. A person who has contracted bird flu will need a lot of fluids and should be treated by a physician immediately. If the condition is untreated, it can lead to death.

Avian Flu: Prevention is the Key to the Future

Precaution is the best tool that we have to prevent a worldwide pandemic. Taking simple steps such as washing your hands frequently and sneezing and coughing into tissues can go a long way in preventing the spread of germs and viruses. It is also important to make sure that you stay up to date with yearly flu shots. The shot won't prevent Avian Flu, but it will help to ensure that you don't come down with Influenza. If someone were to have Influenza and then contract the Avian Flu at the same time, that would be the perfect mix for mutating the Avian Flu strain. By staying current with your shots, you will help minimize the risk of that happening. If you are visiting a foreign country that has had cases of Avian Flu it is important to use care and precaution. Stay clear of areas that host wild birds or birds for sale in open markets. Also, make sure that all of the food that you eat has been cooked thoroughly. Precaution is the best tool to prevent a worldwide pandemic.Preparing Your Finances for aBird Flu Pandemic- Find out what stocks are associated with the avian flu. If theAvian Fluhits the United States, your portfolio may suffer too.

Article Source: http://www.simplysearch4it.com/article/50873.html

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